Martha EDU has won two gold awards from iValues

Martha EDU has won two gold awards from iValues

iValues Awards Ceremony #InnovatingPolitics

We’re happy to let everyone know that Martha EDU has been given two awards: the iValues Policy Award and the Quality of Life Category Award.

In its latest edition, iValues, an award that seeks to transform values into actions and improve politics and policy making in the MENA region, held its awards ceremony in Amman on Tuesday evening.

The iValues award titled “Rethink Politics in MENA” was held in partnership with Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) of Madrid, the Innovation in Politics Institute, and Raseef22, the award media partner.

The award hosted outstanding social entrepreneurs from around the region, including Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and the Gulf countries. We had the chance to engage with professional jurors from the MENA region and policy makers from both the MENA and the EU.

The iValues Awards was a competition sponsored by FNF MENA that asked social entrepreneurs to create solutions to the challenges brought on by the spread of C0VID-19, including threats in many ways against democracy, in education and health systems, in the market, and in the economy.

Yara Asmar, regional strategy manager at FNF MENA, stated during the opening remarks that more than 279 projects were submitted to the award from 11 different countries, 201 registered citizen jurors, and more than 4,000 casted votes, iValues: Rethink Politics in the MENA Region has proven that We have the power to trigger the movement to flourish our MENA region.

Dirk Kunze, regional director of FNF MENA, said that the world is living in an “era of progress” and highlighted the importance of dialogue for a “free society”. “Dialogues have and will always be the motor and prerequisite for common progress among individuals, communities, societies,” he said.

Kahwati noted that our goal is to create technology-enabled learning products for deaf children that can enter every house, not only in Jordan but also in the Middle East and the world. “We are looking forward to building partnerships with both the private and public sectors,”  said Ehab Kahwati, CEO at Martha EDU.

Abu Shakhdam noted that being part of the competition has given them the chance to learn through exchanging knowledge and ideas with fellow participants. “We worked really hard, but it was worth it. It was a great opportunity to connect with policy makers,” said Rasha Abu Shakhdam, COO at Martha EDU.

Kahwati and Abu Shakhdam said that they were happy to win the two awards. They called the experience “enriching and wonderful.”

Watch the iValues Awards Ceremony on Youtube

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