What is Martha EDU?

Martha Education is a social enterprise interested with the innovation and development of educational tools for people with hearing disabilities, Martha’s product is the result of continuous research and learning on the best educational methodologies in Arabic-Jordanian sign language, which are multiple educational products supported with Arabic and English also an interactive application that displays a lot of visuals and videos with cartoon characters that are children-friendly and in collaboration with talented children who are talented in sign language.

Our Values

Clarify a problem

Most people identifying with a hearing disability and being d/Deaf have challenges that begin in early childhood. With 80% born to hearing parents, the majority or the d/Deaf community grows unable to have a common language with others, and lack literacy skills in sign language.

In the developing world, even more children suffer from the impacts of armed conflicts, poverty, and short-sighted policies; making it a challenge to access medical and educational aid and build meaningful relations and hopeful lives.

Our solutions

At Martha EDU, we work on eradicating the barriers to literacy among the d/Deaf from childhood, using interactive flashcards and mobile App technologies. 

We aspire to reach every home with our products; with the main one currently consisting of flashcards supported by QR codes that our free mobile app can read and bring out Jordanian Arabic sign language tutorials for children, by children. 

Using a multi-level structure, we also gradually add English and Arabic words to the vocabulary and imagination of children and their families. Moreover, given the nature of our solutions, we are able to scale them and localize them to a wide range of contexts and cultures.

of people with hearing disabilities are illiterate.


of  deaf children are born to hearing parents with a little or no experience dealing with deaf people.

Why Martha EDU?

What distinguishes Martha EDU is that it is:

Easy, user-friendly, and engaging.
Uses Jordanian Arabic Sign Language, complemented by Arabic and English.
A form of home-Based Learning
Affordable at an estimated cost of US$40, and is based on human-centered design through thorough collaboration with community members, professionals and nonprofits.
Can fully function without the support of professionals
Has been supported and endorsed by leading civil society organizations such as the International Refugee Commission (IRC), Oxfam International, and the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.
And most importantly, it gives d/Deaf children and those with hearing disabilities in Jordan and the region a real opportunity to challenge financial, socioeconomic and cultural barriers to better integration in society.


App available for Google Play, and App Store.
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Expert opinions

The emergence of tech and innovation unleash unlimited power to provide access to education to the most vulnerable communities in the world. Martha Edu is making a great example by harnessing the power of augmented reality to spearhead innovative education of sign language for deaf children in Jordan and the Middle East.
Omar Al-Qadhi
Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Manager, IRC
When we talk about the right to education, our view must be just, covering all segments of society, especially people with disabilities, who often face great challenges. The first right of the disabled person is to be able to communicate easily with those around him, which is exactly what Martha EDU provides to deaf people to help them integrate into society and to equip them with what they need, just like their peers. Society also needs to learn sign language in order to be able to communicate with this group with ease. That is why we are proud of Martha's work
Valentina Kassisieh
CEO of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation
This is a great way for hearing parents of deaf children to learn to communicate with their children from the comfort of their own homes! The videos are especially useful for learning a 3D language.
Timothy Loh
PhD candidate, MIT
Deaf people need to have faith in themselves and in their own abilities and capacities, as well as to feel that they are able to live out their lives without any limitations. For that reason, I am pleased that our foundation has had the unique opportunity to support and protect the linguistic identity and cultural diversity of all deaf and signing people by supporting the development of Martha EDU’s mobile app
Hamza Abdo
Senior Grant and Innovation Specialist

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