Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can download the app. completely for free, but the flash cards are sold for an estimate of 40 USD. As for the app, there are no time limits, no ads, no caveats. And no need to connect to the Internet.

You can download the first ten cards of each level for free, and print them on A4 paper size, other cards are paid at a price we try to make available for everyone, bearing in mind the costs of production and development.

  1. Hold the card.
  2. Open the application and scan the card.
  3. Watch the learning video.
  4. Enjoy learning with Martha EDU.

Yes, absolutely. d/Deaf children and experts were involved from the earliest stages of ideation, prototyping, design and finalization. We couldn’t have developed our product without their extremely valuable inputs and views.

The flashcards are a must. However, the choice to enable them digitally to play virtual reality-empowered clips and sounds is up to you and this can be achieved through downloading the app. The app is easy to use and is even easier to understand once you have it on your device.

Cross-sector practitioners who can add value to research and proposal writing for grant purposes, designers, storytellers, and professionals and educators who work with d/Deaf children and are interested in technological advancements.

We are also highly interested in building meaningful partnerships with other social enterprises, nonprofits, and for-profit companies, especially those who would like to collaborate to achieve their corporate social responsibility goals through working with us.

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